Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClikitySplit and why should I care?
  • ClikitySplit is the world wide web's first and only   visual, rich multi-media, dynamic, interactive, marketing and "find" engine. It is both the end user's dream come true (visual, easy-to-use, powerful sorting features, etc.), and the marketer's magic bullet (rich multimedia tools + up to 10,000 characters of text).
  • Accordingly, it is light years ahead of the search engines that dominate the web today. The major differences are:
    • Real time dynamic marketing, multi-media features, bleeding on the cutting-edge technology
      • video capabilities
      • audio capabilities
      • photo slideshow
      • scrolling ticker message that allows marketers to market their "Hot Deals" and "Coupons" underneath attractive photos on the slideshow graphics
      • 10,000 characters of text
    • Visually displays all the relevant search results simultaneously . The major search engines only display 10 organic listings and 8 sponsored (pay-per-click) text listings on a page. You have to go to the next page for more search results.
    • ClikitySplit provides sorting of search results--the major search engines don't
      • for example, restaurants can be sorted by chain name or type of cuisine
    • Since the marketer can change his marketing message "on the fly" (dynamically in real time), creative marketers change their sales promotions based on their traffic, inventory, etc. As a result, savvy end users get the best deals by checking back often. ClikitySplit is just that dynamic!
How can I learn more about ClikitySplit?
  • View our numerous videos under the "Using/More" section of the mobile site. The videos will give you plenty of information how 180 degrees different ClikitySplit really is, what our patent pending dynamic billboards are all about, and how to get your business up and powerfully visually marketing online in 20-25 minutes!
How is ClikitySplit so fast?
  • For numerous reasons including:
    • the map is not refreshed when you zoom in or out
      • this fact alone saves a tremendous amount of time
    • our proprietary map control allows you to zoom in and de-cluster the dots that signify point of interest locations
    • Our dynamic billboards appear immediately upon tapping 
    • "Bleeding on the cutting-edge technology"
What technology was used developing ClikitySplit?
  • ClikitySplit could not have been developed a few years ago. The technology wasn't available. It literally took 10 years for the technology to catch up with the idea.
  • We took state-of-the-art Ajax and dot net technology and blended in our own "secret sauce" to develop ClikitySplit.  Truly, ClikitySplit is "bleeding on the cutting-edge technology"
Do you indeed have a patent pending on your unique technology?
  • Yes we filed worldwide patent applications on our unique technology on October 15, 2007. Then we waited until the perfect time before officially launching ClikitySplit.
  • Before we filed our patent application, we hired a PhD that literally lives at the patent office during the day to conduct a thorough prior art search. He found nothing even remotely similar to ClikitySplit.
  • Recently the patent examiner conceded that he did not find the ClikitySplit art previously patented
  • The patent is confidently expected to be approved during 2016.
  • And, as the developers of the world wide web's first and only real time dynamic marketing and "find" engine, we will aggressively defend our patent against all infringers.
I am interested in a sales position with ClikitySplit.
  • We are always looking for sales entrepreneurs who want to control their own financial destiny. Those who see the vision of ClikitySplit and can open doors.
  • If you are that rare individual with exceptional tech and social media skills and feel comfortable working on an incentive basis, tap "Using/More" "More Info "Make $$$ with ClikitySplit" for additional information
  • then drop us a line at opportunity@clikitysplit.com . Be specific what you bring to the table and what experience you have. We're looking for superstars.
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For End Users
Why should I use ClikitySplit instead of Google, Yahoo, or Bing?
  • ClikitySplit delivers a much richer user experience. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the ability to qualify search results visually in seconds is priceless.
  • ClikitySplit is 99.9% tapping.  The only time you do any typing is to change locations or search by business name.
  • ClikitySplit empowers the end user with simultaneous, visual display of all search results, powerful sorting features with just a tap, the ability to change categories by just tapping over a category and tapping or cliking the sub-category, notification whenever a marketer changes his dynamic billboard, and other cool, frustration-eliminating features.
  • With absolutely no intrusive "push" marketing (banner ads, display ads, pre roll marketing in videos, etc).  Never!  Ever!
How is ClikitySplit different from Google, Yahoo, and Bing?
This question is answered above in the "General" section under "What is ClikitySplit and Why Should I care?"  Other ways ClikitySplit is different:
  • ClikitySplit displays all the search results simultaneously
    • as a result, each marketer has an equal chance of standing out
    • the marketer's imagination and creativity is what further separates him from his competitors
  • No limitations whatsoever are placed on the marketer, unlike with the major search engines. The marketer is truly limited only by his imagination and creativity.
  • Therefore, since each marketer markets differently, you have so many more choices from your relevant search results.
What are all the red dots and green dots for?
  • Red dots  signify businesses that market via our proprietary dynamic billboards
  • Green dots  are default dynamic billboards that contain limited information about a business (name, address, phone number)
  • Our sales strategy is to turn all the green dots red
Am I going to be bombarded with tacky, intrusive advertising while using ClikitySplit?
  • Absolutely not! Never! Ever!
  • ClikitySplit will never allow tacky, intrusive advertising, "push" advertising. We hate it as much as you do.
  • We make our money from licensing our powerful visual marketing tools to creative marketers, not selling tacky, intrusive ads.
How can I zoom the maps in or out?
Via several ways including:
  • tap the + or - button on the mobile device
  • dragging the map. Just grab the map with your left mouse button and drag it.
What area of the world does ClikitySplit cover right now?
  • Restaurants, Retail/Shopping, Hotels/Motels, Entertainment, Sports & Recreation, Travel & Tourism, Apartments & Condos, Real Estate, Automotive,  Professional Services, Health & Medical, Community & Government and Education in the USA.  Soon to be worldwide.
  • Hotels: Worldwide. You can make reservations securely at the best rates available anywhere at hotels anywhere in the world. 85,000 of them.
  • Travel: Worldwide. Special deals on airline + hotel packages, last minute deals, car rental, cruises, and tickets and attractions.
  • As marketers add their listings free, ClikitySplit will be a world wide phenomenon really fast.
Can I make hotel reservations securely online with ClikitySplit?
  • Yes. We have been in the hotel reservation business 15 years with our sister site hotelmotelNOW.com. That site was cutting-edge in 2001 and is cutting-edge today, depicting hotel locations by GPS with sorting by chain name and price range. The major search engines still can't do that. Only hotelmotelNOW and ClikitySplit can do it.
Can I locate hotels on the map with ClikitySplit, then display nearby restaurant or retail locations etc.  on the same zoomed-in map?
  • Yes! This completely separates ClikitySplit from its competitors.  Just tap your preferred category (restaurants, retail, hotels, etc.), then clik the sub-category
  • To change categories, tap a new category and tap or clik the sub-category
  • Search results display immediately on the same map
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For Marketers
Do I have to have a website in order to advertise in ClikitySplit?
  • No! Just use our proprietary dynamic billboards. They are much more powerful than a website. And a whole lot more cost effective.
What are dynamic billboards?
  • Dynamic billboards are one of our patent-pending inventions in ClikitySplit. Just like the name implies they are billboards that powerfully market your business and they are dynamic---you can change them "on the fly" in just a few minutes as often as you like.
What are the features of the dynamic billboards?
Are the dynamic billboards all the same, or are there different types of them?
  • There are 4 types of marketing panes within ClikitySplit's dynamic billboards, each with 5 different themes available.
  • The marketing panes include:
    • Hot Deals (as many as two)
    • Coupons (as many as three)
    • Multimedia:
      • Slideshow--Video--Audio, Scrolling marketing message (appears under the Slideshow)
    • Quick Information-Guest Reviews
How long will it take me to build my dynamic billboard?
  • Assuming you have a file of your content (photos, text, video link, audio link, etc.) on hand, no more than 20-25 minutes with our wizard.
  • Once you learn how easy it is to build the dynamic billboards, you can use the wizard to update specific parts of your dynamic billboards. It is a very simple process and we will lead you step-by-step in building your dynamic billboard.
  • Once built, the dynamic billboard can be changed in a matter of minutes!
Is there a Wizard that shows me how to build my dynamic billboard?
  • Yes. Our wizard guides you step-by-step in building your dynamic billboard.
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How often can I change my dynamic billboard?
  • As often as you like. Dynamically in real time. Our savviest marketers change their "Hot Deals" several times during the day.
  • The fresher your dynamic billboard, the more successful you will be. It only takes a few minutes to change your dynamic billboard.
  • Smart marketers offer profitable "Hot Deals" and "Coupons" and change their content several times during the day. 
What is an marketing pane?
  • An marketing pane is a separate "accordion" section on a dynamic billboard.
    Presently, there are four marketing panes:
    • Hot Deals
    • Coupons
    • Multimedia"
      • Slideshow -- Videos -- Audio -- Scrolling marketing message
    • Quick Information -- Guest Reviews
How are the marketing panes different?
  • Each marketing pane is designed to quickly present decision-influencing information visually to the end user while providing flexibility to the marketer.
Are the costs for using ClikitySplit fixed or are there also pay-per-clik costs?
  • As an incentive for visionary marketers who come on board now, the only cost is the flat monthly subscription fee for the dynamic billboards.
  • In the future, cost per action (CPA) charges may apply. CPA charges are impressions (a visitor accesses a map on which the point of interest is located), mouseover (a visitor mouse's over an marketer's red dot), a mouseover of a "Hot Deal" or "Coupon", and clik through (visitor cliks through to the marketer's website), etc.
I am a large restaurant (or hotel or retail or other chain). Do I have to build a dynamic billboard for each of my locations?
  • No, our Template option lets you build dynamic billboards for all of your locations in about 20-25 minutes. Then you can individually tailor the dynamic billboards for each branch location.
Can I use your Template option to build dynamic billboards for all of my locations and then tailor each branch location individually?
  • Yes. This allows you to test different sales strategies in different areas of the city, state, nation or world.
I am a small business owner. Therefore, I need to stand out in local, personalized search. How do I do that in ClikitySplit?
  • ClikitySplit is your dream come true. ClikitySplit not only let's you stand out visually to anyone in the world, but also let's you market hyper locally very powerfully.
  • All an end user has to do is type in the name of a city anywhere in the world and that city's map loads immediately. Then he can choose a category and sort that category.
  • As a result, the end user will be able to find you quickly and easily
  • You use our dynamic billboards to get your sales message across very effectively
  • Change your dynamic billboard to keep visitors checking back for "Hot Deals" or "Coupons"
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I am a small business owner and I presently advertise with an online yellow page company. How can I effectively use ClikitySplit?
  • Online yellow page companies are dinosaurs. Plus they are very expensive, especially for the limited traffic they send you.
  • They have been successful thus far by selling their clients a need for an online presence. However, even the best website is of zero value if it can't be found.
  • Online yellow pages are business listings with little if any value. Adding a video to an elementary business listing makes it a little more effective, but  doing so is extremely expensive.
  • On the other hand, ClikitySplit provides effective tools (all the rich multimedia tools available today + up to 10,000 characters of text) for the business owner to visually stand out in a site that will be found. Accordingly, the marketer is limited only by his imagination and creativity.
How about Click Fraud
  • ClikitySplit consists of only one static web page. All other web pages are dynamically generated based on the visitor's relevant search criteria.
  • Since the red and green dots are dynamically generated based on the search criteria, it is virtually impossible for a spider to perpetuate click fraud in ClikitySplit.
  • According to forensic studies by highly-qualified businesses that study click fraud, about 15-19% of all clicks from the pay-per-click business models are fraudulent.
  • It is easy to design a spider to commit click fraud because the PPC search engines generate standard, static-formatted web pages with the links in the same spot.
  • Therefore, an marketer is 19% better off from inception using ClikitySplit.
Does ClikitySplit provide analytics of my traffic, etc.?
  • Yes, of course. We provide comprehensive real time "narrowcast" analytics and an email summary at day's end.
  • For a point of interest to appear on one of ClikitySplit's maps, that POI must fall within the displayed map's GPS coordinates.  As a result, only ClikitySplit can provide "narrowcast" analytics to the marketer.
  • We want to give you invaluable feedback so you can effectively market your business and change strategies quickly based on relevant analytics.
Do you produce the videos for marketers?
  • No. We just provide the powerful visual marketing tools.
  • Any videos or audios must be produced locally. But that is a very simple process. Videographers can cost effectively produce your video and audio.
  • And now that smartphones are so powerful and include editing features, producing your own video is a snap!
  • Since ClikitySplit uses a HTML 5 video player, those videos should be produced in h.264 video format.
How are you going to brand ClikitySplit?
  • In a multitude of ways, both online and offline, including:
    • Widespread publicity
    • Ezine articles
    • Online marketing
    • Social networking sites
    • Major online sites
    • Demographically targeted marketing
    • Etc.
Can I license the ClikitySplit technology?
Can I add my business listing if I am not in your database?
  • Yes, that is how we want to keep improving ClikitySplit. Just tap or clik "Add Point of Interest" in the "Using/More" section and follow the instructions.
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For the Media
How can I learn more about ClikitySplit.com?
  • The easiest and most effective way is to view all our videos in "Using/More" on your iOS or Android mobile device.
  • Then give ClikitySplit a thorough test drive. It is totally intuitive.
Is ClikitySplit your founder's first website or has he been around for a while?
  • Jim Clouse has been in the internet business full time for more than 18 years. All his previous websites have been cutting-edge. For example, he first plotted locations of businesses on static maps via GPS in March 1998 with nashvilleNOW.com. No other internet entrepreneur can say that.
I want to do a story about ClikitySplit. Who do I interview?
I want to receive information about all your enhancements and announcements that ClikitySplit releases. How can I get on your email list to receive them?
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